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Bitcoin has taken the investment world by storm over the past 15 months as the price skyrocketed from under $4,000 to over $64,000 per coin. After being labeled a ‘scam’ and ‘Ponzi scheme’ for over a decade. But now Bitcoin is starting to gain some real traction amongst institutional investors. And has The Bitcoin Exam around to teach everyone more about it.

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The Bitcoin Exam

50 Questions To Assess Your Understanding Of Bitcoin.
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Although it has received the backing of some well-known investors and fortune 500 companies. But still many retail investors struggle to hold confidence in Bitcoin through the price swings and come out on the other side.

I think that both panic selling and panic buying amongst retail investors are caused by a lack of understanding as to what bitcoin actually is. Those that truly understand Bitcoin for what it’s worth. They tend to find it much easier to hold on during price swings and reap the benefits of an asset programmed to appreciate over time.

In response to this, I created the bitcoin exam to help investors gauge their understanding of bitcoin and identify gaps in their knowledge. The exam has 50 multiple-choice questions about the technology, history, application, and economics that underpin bitcoin.

Whilst it feels as though we are going into a phase of mass adoption. I struggle to see how the transition will be a smooth one. Especially if most of the population still hardly understands what bitcoin actually is. By providing individuals with a tool that they can use to measure their understanding. With The Bitcoin Exam, I hope to improve the incentive to learn more about Bitcoin. So the average individual learns more about Bitcoin and effectively increases the speed of adoption.

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