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SelfKey Wallet Now Featured on Yada Wallets

We’re happy to say that we have listed the SelfKey Wallet! you can now filter for the SelfKey wallet on Yada Wallets wallet filter.

October 25th, 2021 – Here on Yada Wallets, we like to keep you up to date with the best, newest, and most advanced crypto wallets in the world. That is why we think the listing of SelfKey wallet is a perfect addition to our Crypto wallet library.  The SelfKey Identity Wallet is a decentralized, permission-less Wallet that allows users to store and transact ERC-20 cryptocurrencies. In addition to that, users can securely store and use their personal data and documents to sign up for a variety of financial and business services through the SelfKey Marketplace.

How to find the SelfKey wallet on Yada Wallets?

Finding the SelfKey wallet on our website is super simple. You can simply use our filtering tool and search for the specific tags linked to the SelfKey wallet. These tags are “Ethereum, Your device, ERC-20”. Or you can directly type “SelfKey” in the search bar. Both ways will bring you to the SelfKey wallet page. So when you have found the wallet, do not forget to leave a review on the page or go to the SelfKey website and try the wallet out yourself. 

About SelfKey

SelfKey is a leading decentralized identity management system that aims to return control over personal data back to users, thus enabling users to achieve digital self-sovereignty. To achieve this, SelfKey has an identity ecosystem comprising the SelfKey Wallet (Identity Owners/Individuals), the SelfKey Marketplace (Relying Parties/ Certifiers). Moreover, the native token KEY facilitates all the transactions happening on the SelfKey ecosystem. Download the SelfKey Wallet now and enjoy digital self-sovereignty.