Saving the Amazon with Bitcoin

December 8, 2021 – By Pedro
As the crypto world becomes more complex and evolved, so do the different uses for the Blockchain system. TreeBR, a New York based company, together with an association of Amazon rainforest landowners, is bringing a carbon offset token to the market.
Running on the Liquid Network, and traded on the MERJ exchange, this new token allows for investors to purchase and hold $TREE tokens, and for anyone holding a token to retire it through TREEBR, therefore offsetting a metric tonne of carbon emissions. This surely isn’t the first tradable carbon offset security out there, but as trader-focused sidechains like LiquidNet become more mainstream, the market is now looking at these solutions for launching financial instruments. 
The token is available right now for holding, and trading opens on January 17th 2022. For more information visit and follow on Twitter @treebrcompany