Write a Crypto Guest blog for us

Are you a company/organisation or crypto blogging individual and do you want some more exposure? If you do want to write a crypto guest blog for us, well, then you are on the right page. 

We are currently looking for people that would like to write crypto-related guest blogs for us. This can be a one-time thing but we also accept regular writers. Now you may wonder, what’s in it for me? A lot! Writing for us will not only give you and your brand exposure on our website but we will also announce your guest post on our social channels giving you the maximal exposure of Yada Wallets. Having your guest blog on our website will give you a strong and trustworthy look that will promote your own writing work. Besides all of that, we can place some links in the article to your own website/blog giving you some extra backlinks which is great for your own website’s SEO.

We accept a wide arrange of different types of guest blogs. Like, Guest wallet reviews, educational blogs, or explanations of a new protocol/Blockchain/Dapp. As long as the article can benefit the general crypto community we are happy to share it.

The rules

Because we want to keep our brands image as good as it is we do apply some rules to the submission of guest blogs. These are the following:

  • Guest blog must be educational for readers.
  • The guest blogs can not be a pure promotional article.
  • All guest blogs must be SEO-proof. (If this is difficult for you, we can adjust the article to be SEO-proof. And ask for your acceptance when we have adjusted it of course).

In case you have any questions related to the guest blogging for us. We are there to help. Feel free to ask us at contact@yadawallets.com or go to our contact page here.

Start writing a crypto guest blog for us

Ready to start to write a crypto guest blog for us? Send in your guest blog today at contact@yadawallets.com and at the subject “guest blog” and we will be in touch with you ASAP.