1xBit and Toncoin Enhance Gambling Grounds

1xBit and Toncoin Enhance Gambling Grounds

The leading sportsbook now accepts this Telegram Open Network token as a form of payment, indicating an increase in the number of the platform’s supported payment options. 

With its growing popularity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, this altcoin could not go unnoticed in such an extensive industry as online gambling. Here are some advantages of the token you will find attractive as a bettor. 

Why Toncoin Is That Notable

One of the most remarkable features is the high processing speed the blockchain has. With its support for up to 2^92 individual accompanying blockchains, the protocol can process millions of transactions at the same time which is crucial for betting. Here are a few other attributes of the project.

Hypercube Routing

TON’s infrastructure allows the blockchain to execute transactions in a super-fast manner irrespective of size or form. The protocol leverages a logarithmic relationship among many blockchains to support mass scaling without adversely affecting the processing speed of transactions. 

Auto Infinite Blockchain Generation

Another feature of the TON that users will estimate is that transactions don’t queue on the blockchain, ensuring transactions don’t attract additional costs irrespective of the load change. This speaks to the ecosystem’s ability to scale in a seamless manner. The infrastructure can split and merge accordingly to accommodate different system loads. 

While executing these infrastructural changes, the blockchain’s speed remains unaffected. 


The proof-of-stake model provides validators with the avenue to deposit stakes, impacting the dependability of processes. This provides TON with the opportunity to save costs and also handle large-scale transactions without hindrances. 

The advanced proof-of-stake model prevents TON from facing the scalability challenges that other protocols battle with. TON’s infrastructure addresses the transaction demand issues and entirely eliminates the issue of queuing.

2D Distributed Ledgers

TON also addresses the fork issues that invalidate transactions. The protocol’s infrastructure creates new blocks to provide invalidated transactions with a new pathway to be processed. This is also programmed to save time and resources. 

Democratizing payment structures remains one of the most important elements in the sportsbook ecosystem. When players can make payments seamlessly and with any currency, more players will find it convenient to stake their bets. Toncoin’s features are in especially high demand in the betting domain, and 1xBit, one of the most renowned platforms, combines TON benefits with even more bonuses.

Betting With 1xBit: Numerous Advantages At Your Fingertip

1xBit remains committed to democratizing access to the crypto sportsbook space providing more than 40 cryptocurrency options as forms of payment. With Toncoin added to the list, more players holding the token can now make payments seamlessly without having to first convert their coins.

Betting on 1xBit comes with zero fees and provides you with complete anonymity. You also get instant payouts on your winnings and processing transactions is absolutely seamless. Getting started takes under a minute as the system is automated to provide you with login details. The platform also provides you with a welcome bonus of up to 7 BTC following your first four deposits. You can get started here.

With the addition of Toncoin to 1xBit’s list of supported cryptocurrencies, the sportsbook has further increased access to the gambling space. Check the latest updates via 1xBit’s social links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/1x_bit 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1xbit/ 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPAFo4OYJGHCxWlENrdRtWA 

Telegram: https://t.me/sportsbook_1xBit